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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cookie Monsters

I have recently acquired a whole container of cookie cutters... pretty much every kind you could think of (thanks for the gift MIL!) so we decided to do some fun birthday cookies to celebrate LJ being almost two!

All of our little duckies enjoyed the post-dinner treat :o)


  1. That icing looks so yummy! Recipe please! :) Oh, and how'd you do that fun swirl?

  2. Well the recipe is America's Test Kitchen's holiday cookie recipe... way too long for me to type out for you but you might be able to find it online. If not, I'm sure whatever cutout recipe you like will work. The icing is a "glaze" made with 2 C confectioner's sugar, 2 tbsp whole milk, and 2tbsp softened cream cheese. For the swirl, ice with one color, drop a different color in the middle, and use a toothpick from inside out all around. So fun!