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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Throw a Fun Birthday Bash for Three Cousins

Step One: Blow up Aunt Cassie's ball pit. Fill with balls. Watch the children be greatly amused for almost an hour while you take pictures and video and hear laughter and get the chili ready for dinner and finish glazing the cookies.  ("You" being all four of the adults in the room, PS!)

Step Two:  Top off tummies full of chili with a few yummy cookies. 

Step Three:  Toss a bunch of fantastic presents at a very excited birthday girl.  "A tutu skirt! Stickers! Stamps! A STROLLER!"

Step Four:  Get them very tuckered out with all the fun.  Put them to bed.  Smile at the good time they had :o)  Zave leaned over to Cassie during their pre-bed snuggle and said "Birthday."  

Step Five:  Be amazed at how fast two years have flown by.  Amazed.  Then run upstairs and hug that little booger till all the giggles escape from her sweet baby-girl-body and then tell her how much you love her. 

Wait... you just got her to bed, remember? 

Just hug her tomorrow, then.  And always.

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