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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cousin Photo Shoot Retry

This one is probably my favorite of this "series" ;o)

I really wanted to be witty and try to caption each of these... but for the sake of time you'll have to just imagine what these munchkins were "saying" to each other as we tried to pose them together :o)

Cass and Zave left to go home this afternoon.  Something lame about needing to work for a living.  Pshhht.  It's okay, though... they'll meet up with us for a bit in Cape Cod, too.

Gotta run to get Double Trouble ready for our trip with Aunt Steph to go visit Aunt Bethany at college in Rochester. 

Ready-set-sister dinner date! :o)


  1. haha this is how I felt trying to get those twins and their 2 year old cousin last week. RIDICULOUS. no one wants to look at the camera! and what's with Sam doing the splits? (you're going to have to teach her that she is supposed to keep her legs closed mama, sheesh!)

  2. Such a fun memory (for us, not them!) I loved how bothered Zave was about Sammy touching him with her foot - and how Sam was looking at him telling him to chill out in your favorite - and then he started showing us body parts - and then how he was "outa here!" I guess 3 kids under 2 don't have a whole lot of patience!

  3. These pictures are so adorable! I laughed looking at them! It looks like you are having so much fun!

  4. You don't even KNOW how much fun it is ;o)