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Friday, October 21, 2011

Holy Crap in the Bed(s) and How To Bleach a Poopy Shirt

Warning:  if the sight or discussion of baby poop makes you queasy, this post is not for you.  Move along to something safe like a cooking or fashion blog ;o) and come back and see me tomorrow.

I'm not 100% sure that this is what started it all... but here you have sweet Lillian in the morning.  Just playing innocently with her Lulu and a diaper.  Cute, right?  Not for long.

This, my friends, is why I call them DOUBLE TROUBLE.  Because sometimes, they really are!  Two babies, two diapers, two diapers off, two poops.  DOUBLE TROUBLE!

I was beside myself at first.  But I recovered.  And I laughed!  What else could I do?  I laughed so hard that I got Sammy laughing as she sat there in her own poop wondering why I wasn't helping them out of their predicament. 

The best part of it was that I had just given them a bath right before nap time!  (You might be asking yourself at this point how I could thing anything was good in this situation... all I'm saying is that the whole thing was so gross and crazy that it was hilarious to me!)

Also, please don't be alarmed at the state of Lily's exposively runny poop.  She's not sick... she has just had vile poop from day one.  Welcome to my world!

 "Whew!  That's better, Momma!"

After 45 minutes of clean up including a bunch of scrubbing, a load of laundry, and some hardcore hand washing on my part, we all relaxed in the ball pit for a bit. 

Where they both promised me that they would never ever do something so gross again.  And I told them good, cause if they did I might disown them ;o)

And just so you know, I was victorious in the battle of "Poop on new white shirt v. Frugal and sentimental Momma" (Tanya JUST got this shirt for LJ!) 

My trick?  The sun!  My friend Hilary taught me back in my early cloth-diapering days (hi, Hil!).  All you do is hang the poopy stains out in the sun and POOF white shirt again (or white diapers, as the case may be). 

Hilary explained the science behind it... something about the dead red blood cells in our poop and how the sun bleaches them naturally... but I forget science-y things so I'm just going to call it the "magic sun bleaching trick".  And apparently it only works with poop stains... not with all stains. 

So there you go folks.  The moral of the story is... don't let your kids play in their poop.  But if they do, just laugh at it :o)  And don't throw the white shirt out!  The end!


  1. So wait, they took off their own diapers?

  2. ewww . . . LJ and SJ, that's just disgusting!

  3. Dude...that happened to me today too! I had Katie in her crib naked for a nap because she had a nasty diaper rash....and I found a nice little pile when I went upstairs to get her! She had a bath and is smelling a lot better now too :)

  4. YAY sun!! That has been my fear...that they'll get nakey in bed and poop. Giovanna never did but she's also SUPER girlie. She'd be disgusted by herself. However, Lucia is going to pull this trick on us. I just know it. Lillian's poop actually looks very healthy! It's a good sign of healthy food! Being a nurse, you learn a lot about people by their poop!

  5. Yeah Hilary, I definitely told someone about two months ago that neither of my girls had attempted that "trick"... yet... I spoke too soon!

  6. I'm glad we left just before the infamous incident so you wild girls couldn't influence my innocent boy!! ha! :) But as we've learned from our little ones, this milestone of his will probably follow close behind his cousins. I'm watching him!! I'm amused by your photo documentary. It was so real I could almost smell it! - Cassie

  7. Oh trust me, there was lots to smell :o) And I couldn't help but run back downstairs to grab the camera! Poor girls... they'll be so embarrassed someday. Oh well!