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Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Just In

Apparently Miss "I'm perfectly happy to just slither around on my belly for six months and no I don't want to sit up on my own thankyouverymuch" is ready to get moving on some of those developmental milestones!

"Sitting, check.  Pulling up on things, check."

"Climbing up five steps, check!"

And then yesterday she decided it was time to start pulling up to standing!  "Hey, Momma, this is actually pretty fun!"  Looks like it won't be too long till I have another toddler in my house! :o)


  1. YAY Sam! My doc was just telling me how some kids do all of their milestones in one swoop...looks like Sam is that kind of kid :)

  2. go Samma Lamma - - Gramma LOVES you whether you sit up or not, but it's very exciting to see you getting 'up and around'!

  3. Yay!! So exciting! Great job Sam! :)