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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Iron Kettle Farm

This is the best little small town pumpkin farm ever.  I love it!  I have so many memories from Iron Kettle Farm as a kid.  We used to go every year to get our pumpkins, eat yummy treats, check out the farm animals, ride the hayride/walk through the corn maze (which we didn't do this time), and just celebrate fall in general.

And I'm absolutely in love with the pictures that Bethany took of Double Trouble in the pumpkins.  The lighting was just perfect and she was already taking pictures of Lily exploring the pumpkins... all I did was have the idea to plop Sam in Lily's lap and tell her to "hug Sissy".  Bingo!

It just makes my heart melt to watch them growing up together like this.  Sisterly love is the best.

I should know ;o) 

Dear Bethany, Stephanie, Cassie, and Tan... I love you girls.  I hope my girls get to have the same best friend relationship with each other as I do with all of you.  They sure are two blessed little girls to have four such lovely Aunts!  


  1. just letting you know I teared up there at the end. :( I miss my sister!! but I miss your baby girls too..those "sisters" are the cutest! and greattttt pictures! (you got your flare!)

  2. *sigh* I miss my sisters so much when we're apart. But the thing I love about them best is that we just pick up right where we left off.