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Monday, November 21, 2011

When in Rome: When Nature Calls

You gotta go when you gotta go, right?

You know... like when you're driving down the road and you think "Man, I wish I hadn't had two cups of coffee" or "Man, I wish I wasn't still ten minutes from the next town" or "Man, I wish I wouldn't get in trouble for stopping on the side of the road" or (if you're a woman) "Man, I wish I was a man so it wouldn't be so incredibly awkward to stop and go on the side of the road even if I wanted to!"

Well, folks.  In Germany you can just stop and go.  I've seen two different occasions of guys on the side of the road "answering nature's call" this week and it reminded me that I haven't shared that, yet.  It makes me laugh every time!

You're welcome.  I know you feel like your "history of Germany according to Jessica" is now complete :o) 

Happy Monday.  And if you're driving down the highway in the States and gotta go... just channel your inner German and make it fast so you don't get caught... as I'm pretty sure that's illegal in the US, right? 



  1. I have most definitely seen 10+ urinators in my 2 years here. Makes me laugh every time, too. :p

  2. I know! It still catches me off guard... I'm usually like "What are they doing... oh" And it kills me that they aren't usually *that* far from the nearest village. Can't you wait and stop at the bakery?

  3. I'm thankful this post didn't come with pictures. ;)