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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Perfect Timing

My new stock pot is here!  Just in time to make yummy turkey stock on Thursday.  I wasn't expecting it so soon.  Just goes to show that I have very little faith in the speed of Amazon + the APO around the holidays!  I was expecting a delay but it came a week early!

My pretty blue enamel pot from Target wasn't a good buy.  It didn't have a heavy bottom and when I burned applesauce to it (oops!) it buckled and cracked on the bottom.  So I was afraid to use it on our nice flat top electric stove.  But I make large batches of stock/soup/chili all winter long so this was definitely a problem needing fixed!  I went with the recommendation of America's Test Kitchen on the most useful 12 qt stock pot (they vote Cuisinart by the way). 

As far as I can tell it's gonna be great.  Nice heavy bottom.  Beautiful stainless steel (that I'm sure to stain, but you know how it goes... a well-loved pot ends up looking used).  It's maiden voyage will be this week so stay tuned ;o)

And now for some random pictures of the girls playing yesterday.  For the Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunt and Uncles.  Love you's!

Looking forward to a busy but fun next two days.  It'll be nice to get out of the house after two days of sickness.  Jesse's been puke-free for 36 hours and the girls just have snot-noses.  So we're going to the squadron's pot luck Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. 

And then I've got pie crust to make :o)  Big day of baking, prepping sides and sauces, cleaning/tidying, and chatting with Jen tomorrow.  I'm still nervous to roast a turkey but I'm getting excited for the big day! 

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