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Friday, November 4, 2011

Let the Cookie Season Begin

I think I mentioned the cookies I made for my "Peace Out Summer" Party... but I don't think I went into depth about how excited I am about this holiday cookie recipe! 

I feel like I'm kind of disowning the Rawleigh Family Christmas Cookie Recipe... but I really like how these taste cause they seem to have a lighter texture/consistency.  Which of course means you can eat more and not feel as ill ;o)  Now I know my Brother would revolt because it'd be breaking with tradition, and Dad wouldn't like that there's not a "one to one ratio" of frosting to cookie... but really, they are so so so good!

And since I've found a recipe I like so much for cutout cookies, I've decided "why stop at Christmas?"  Jen was thinking the same thing, as she's been wanting more cookies ever since my party.

The top pumpkin is my favorite of my own design, bottom is my favorite of Jen's.  I think it probably took her twenty minutes to put those sprinkles so perfectly in line.  I applaud her dedication to amazing cookie decorating!  (Show off!)

Speaking of Jen, she was so wanting me to get home and make some cookies with her that she bought some really cute cutters at the Kaiserslautern fair... an airplane, a snowflake, and a cute little baby owl!  We also did pumpkins, hearts, flowers, and ducks.  Clearly we were feeling eclectic. 

Oh, and how did I keep my kids entertained while we did this?  Bribed them with food.  Mostly raisins, an apple, and some cereal.  And a few nibbles of cookie.  Did they cooperate?  Sort of.  Did they eat their dinner?  No :o)  You win some, you lose some, right?  Best parenting rule ever!

Speaking of the girls, this is the least blurry picture of them "snuggling" with Jesse before bed.  Man those kids are squirmy!  My rusty DSLR skills can't quite keep up with them!  Oh well... it's still a sweet family moment captured forever :o)  Sam almost jumped out of my arms to get in on the fun, and I immediately ran for the camera.  Love these three... it's so nice to be together again.

Back to the cookies.  Jen really likes owls.  And I really like Jen.  Thanks for the sweet afternoon, girl!


  1. I do love owls...and you're alright I guess. ;-)

  2. cookies look great! that is a LOT of cookie decorating - i am thrilled if i have time to frost them all one color ;/ kudos to you, you cookie artiste (arteeste ;)

  3. Yeah it does take a lot of time to glaze them fancy smancy... but it's so fun! I think I might try to plan ahead for Christmas cookies by baking and freezing them now, that way I can just pull out a bag and decorate for individuals/parties/etc. as needed. It's a little much to do the baking and decorating all in one day!