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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Girls Will be Girls

We had a playdate at the Oglevee's on Saturday and it was so fun!  I love playing in other kid's toy rooms cause I get such great ideas.  Note to self: start compiling a list of fun items for a dress up bin :o)

Lily was in love with Mila's new shopping cart.  She even put the Dolly in the front seat!  Just like Momma does! 

"Purse, check.  Baby in bassinet, check.  Ready to go on an outing!"

I'm kind of jealous that they have room for their slide to be indoors.  I'd love to bring ours in (especially for the winter) but something tells me it wouldn't exactly work with our living room decor! ;o) 

And what playdate would be complete without a toddler meltdown here and there? 

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  1. OH - - FUN!!!! dress-up clothes are easy (and cheap) to collect around halloween - look at the bigger-sized costumes that are leftover (and marked down) after halloween! but then again, I don't know if dressing up for halloween is that *big* in Germany! lucky for you, there are gramma(s) in the USA to collect for you! (she says as she writes things down on Lily's already-completed Christmas list!)