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Friday, November 18, 2011

Murphy's Law of Motherhood

Murphy's Law of Motherhood states:  Anything that can go wrong will go wrong... usually right after you've had a fantastic start to the day!

This is what I wrote on facebook yesterday morning - "Already got so much done this morning and the girls aren't even up, yet! Thankful for the time for a workout, hot shower, blow dry, blog post, AND a cup of Sumatra."

It was such a nice, productive morning that I just couldn't help but brag that everything was going great :o)  Well.  Well well well well.  Guess what I get for bragging?

I practically skipped upstairs to get the girls.  I could hear that they were up but no one was fussing... so I cheerfully opened the door and started singing my good morning song... when the smell hit my nose.  My first thought was "Oh gross, which one puked?"  

Both.  Both of them puked sometime in the night.  Double Trouble strikes again!  There are so many great and wonderful things about having two little baby girls close in age.  This is not one of them.  Twice the puke equals twice the cleanup.  What. a. mess.  They were both just sitting there playing happily with their puke covered stuffed animals and blankets.  EW.

What are you gonna do?  Clean up is what!  I spent the next two hours rinsing, scrubbing, washing, and disinfecting.  I had to wash Lily's matted hair three times.  And I had to give four stuffed animals a bath.  And do two extra loads of laundry.  And somewhere in there I gave the girls breakfast, put them down for a morning nap, took the nastiness out to the trash, and sat down with a sigh of relief... and a cup of chai.  

Don't feel too bad for me, friends.  It turned out to be a perfectly fine, relatively normal day after that.  They don't seem to have a stomach bug... just a really bad cold.  Lots of snot.  Maybe they were coughing a lot and that's what made their tummies upset?  They didn't have much of an appetite today.  But they napped well in the afternoon and still went happily to bed a little early.  Whew.  

Can we talk about why neither of them had the thought to cry for me to help them out?  I mean, come on girls!  We don't just lay in our puke in this family!  Gross!  (Although, would I rather do two hours of clean up in the middle of the night or the morning?  Hm...)

The moral of the story is that being a Momma is crazy.  It changes from minute to minute.  Sometimes it's funny.  Sometimes it's gross.  But look at those two faces... it's always rewarding in the end. 

Oh, and the other moral of the story is don't brag on facebook ;o)  


  1. I sure do love those 2 faces!!! I especially love the recent pics of Sam - could she get any more beautiful???

  2. Haha maybe if she gets some hair someday ;o)

  3. Haha. I love that you took the "What can you do?" picture. Something I would totally do. :)

  4. true, but then again, she didn't have puke matted in her hair!!!! ps - both of your girls are beautiful with or without hair!!!