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Friday, November 18, 2011

Trying to Get it all Done and Slow Down, Too

I need to slow down a bit.  Story of my life :o)  I am the kind of person that must must must keep the balance of being out and about doing things and being home... still doing things.  But just home.  I need to be here, with my girls... doing projects and chores.  But also making time to play.

We're hosting a huge Thanksgiving dinner.  Which I am so excited about!  It gives us the opportunity to use this amazing house for showing hospitality.  And it gives us a chance to serve our "military family" with the feeling of a family holiday. 

Many of our guests are just like us... this is our first Thanksgiving in Germany.  Without even the chance to see family (unless you have the leave time and money for a plane ticket).  So we really wanted to have a bunch of people over.  If we're all together celebrating then we won't have time to be sad and miss family as much, right?  (Don't worry family, I'm still going to miss you a ton!)

There are going to be a few of our single guy friends from the squadron.  As well as some of my friends who's husbands are deployed.  And a good mix of old friends from tech school and new friends (one couple I don't even know, yet!).  I'm really looking forward to it.

That being said, anyone who's hosted a Thanksgiving dinner (which I have not!) knows there's a lot of planning, grocery shopping, organizing, cleaning, and prep work to be done.  So I'm feeling like there's a pretty big to-do list going on here.  No problem... I love to-do lists ;o)  But the thing is I need to make sure I keep a good pace and don't add anything more to it! 

I realized last night that there is either something fun (like ladies' Bunco night at church) or something necessary (like a doctor's appointment) going on every day from now until Thanksgiving.  We have a squadron pot-luck dinner to go to on Tuesday, too!  Oh, and starting tonight, Jesse has four days off!  So we've planned to do a few fun things... all good.  But it's just a full week.

So I sat down this morning and decided I needed to nix a couple things that aren't essential.  But dangit that stinks because of course those are the fun things that I want to go to... I just shouldn't this week :o) 

The girls have runny noses and I have a slight sore throat.  I blame Jesse for bringing it home to us... or church nursery... or MOPS nursery.  Take your pick!  We aren't deathly ill, yet.  But I still know it's wise for us to rest as much as possible when we're feeling under the weather.  And when Momma's dragging everyone around from playdate to Commissary to Christmas Market to doctor's office to on and on... well, no one's going to get better.  We'll just feel worse! 

So as the countdown to Thanksgiving Day continues... I'm determined to slow down and enjoy my family.  And I'm also going to enjoy my to-do list.  Because I love to cook and bake and organize.  So each task can be a joy if I have the right attitude! 

Plus, my Mom already sent me "turkey instructions" and Jen has promised to attach herself to my side and be my extra set of hands starting Wednesday afternoon! 

Let the gobble-gobble fun begin! 


  1. What fun was had in the Aiduk household that day of cookie cutters and dough! Sounds like the next week is full of...well...full! you are right- joy and attitude are sooo closely related. and lots of deep breaths ;)! xoxoxxoxoxoxo [Bunco nite???]

  2. what is with the weirddddd rainbowed lights on the cookie dough...so distracted me from paying attn to the post..but yay friendsgiving! and you've totally got this....or we do. no worries.

  3. Oh haha Jen it's playdough, not cookie dough! It used to be red, yellow, and blue. But we've been playing with it for awhile now so I just combined them. Now it's brown!

    MIL, I don't really know what Bunco is... but apparently it's a group dice game of some sort and it's all the rage ;o) I won't be finding out, yet, though... that's one of my cancellations!

  4. Jen - I'm personally hoping that it was not weird rainbowed lights on the *cookie* dough at all, but that it was mixed colors of playdough instead - which I *hope* she's not planning to serve to guests at friendsgiving!

    Have fun you guys - ugh, it's Dad's balance speech all over again! Jess, you *always* did have trouble with that feeling of having to do it all and do it all with style as well!

    I love you!!!!

  5. lol juuuuust kidding :/ haha I was starting to wonder if the cookies would taste like sam's head...or mouth. She's not so much about the dough as she is the the cookie cutters, eh?

  6. Yeeeah after trying for about 2.5 minutes to let Sam play with playdough I was like forget it Miss Mouth here's a few cookie cutters instead! :o) There's no time to prevent the eating of playdough when one is trying to take pictures!

  7. Oh and Mom, Dad's balance speech haunts me. I'm now trying to think ahead a little and decide if I have time for an ugly sweater party the weekend after Sam's birthday. Decisions, decisions! But I know I want the holiday season to remain peaceful... so you're right. Since my tendency is to do it all and with flare no wonder Dad's speech always echos in my mind!