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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A New Trail to Blaze

Jesse showed me a great new trail to walk/run.  (No running, yet... still waiting on my wheel for the double jogger)  It goes all the way between Otterberg and Otterbach, the next village over. 

I like it because it gives the illusion of being secluded, while still being "in town" so to speak.  It's runs parallel to the main road between the towns.  And it's really popular.  (My pictures are people-less because I'm just that strategic!)

If I park at Wasgau, I can get the whole thing done in under an hour.  It takes about ten minutes just for me to walk down to the path from our house.  So I like to park and walk that way we get to enjoy nature for the majority of the walk.  And it's only about a 2.5 second drive to Wasgau!

So peaceful to feel the leaves crunching.  And Lily just loves when we pass the "Wa" because of course she must SHOUT OUT WORDS now that she knows (and says!) them! 

Lily also loves passing this guy.  

I don't know what's up with the seemingly random assortment of animals lining both sides of the path.  But hey, I'm in another country.  Anything goes!  Aren't they so cute?  

It's fun to have an opportunity to talk to Lily about the different kinds of animals.  She likes it so much that she throws a mini-tantrum every time I decide we must move on.  (They're only about ten minutes in for heaven's sake!  We have some exercise to work in kiddo!)  We pass right by them again on our way back anyways.  What a drama queen :o) 

This is Otterbach.  "Hi, Otterbach!  You are so pretty in the misty late afternoon light, but I have to turn around and head back now...

...my kids are cold.  And so are my hands."


  1. Absolutely beautiful Jess! I love that you are EMBRACING every aspect of your journey there in Germany! You inspire me every time I read your blog. Thank you!

  2. OMG these pictures are breathtaking!!! They are all so great and the walk looks like so much fun but my favorites are the ones of the girls. WOWzers they are so so good! I am so impressed..can you tell?

  3. Wow you gals get the two most encouraging comments of the month award! Your kind words mean a lot... especially since I'm feeling a little uninspired in the blog and photography department since being back. Thanks for encouraging me!

  4. . . . I love both of the girl's hats! :o)

    and I'm jealous of your *choices* of cool walking paths - - but what happened to the jogging stroller?

    and PLEASE don't be uninspired about blogging for too long, remember the grammas over here who won't see your babies for a long, LONG time!!!!

    love you!!

  5. Toni got the one for Sam... I love it cause it matches her old nickname! (Monkey) And I overtightened the front wheel so I broke something which unfortunately requires a whole new wheel. But it's on the way to our mailbox as we speak! I may not get back into jogging till spring, but at least it'll be ready! And yes, I'm trying to get back to the blog for all y'all's sake ;o)