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Monday, November 14, 2011

Who Has the Most Fun Room in the House?

The girls, of course!

Lily's transition to a toddler bed couldn't have been easier.  It was a little shocking for me, in fact!  I have heard so many horror stories so I was prepared for the worst... I mean, my kids sleep awesome so who wants to mess with that?  

When we got home from the States Jesse had the new bed all ready to go for her.  I insisted that she needed to sleep in the pack 'n play at least as long as it took for them to adjust back to local time.  But a few nights in Jesse pointed out to me that Lily (while I was getting Sam ready) had climbed into her big girl bed and snuggled right in.  Fiiiiiiine, I thought.  Let's just throw caution to the wind and see what happens.  (Not easy for this control-freak-plan-everything-out-Momma)

We made the bed and stood waiting outside the door for what we were sure to hear - her getting up and exploring.  But she didn't.  Cause she's a cool kid.  Or maybe she was just really tired.

The video is great because it shows what usually happens when they wake up in the morning (or after nap).  I'm never really sure who wakes up first, but I can always hear when Lily's up now because of the pitter-patter of little toddler toes running to and fro above the kitchen.  It's pretty cute.  Then she usually (I'm deducing) entertains Sam by pushing books and toys through her crib.  

I've even come in to find Lily sitting next to the crib in her desk chair reading a book... with Sam sitting in the crib "reading" a book :o)  

They really seem to like reading these days.  This video is a really good sampling of Lily's "talking" these days... mostly in the form of mimicking a word or two from whatever we say.  It's cute.  

I got this picture-display idea from Bethany's RD. I like the versatility of it... I may put another "clothesline" up in a different part of the room, too. 

Fun window decals from Gram A.

The laundry basket doesn't usually go there... I was just feeling lazy and didn't want to get up to move it ;o)   But I'm thinking I'll put some more picture frames and maybe a cute storage basket or something up there.  But trust me, interior decorating is pretty low on my priority list...

...because these kiddos keep me pretty dang busy!

It's alright though.  I'd never trade sister book reading or piano time for a perfectly decorated, cleaned, and organized house.  It's way more fun to watch these two have fun, don't you think?


  1. sigh . . . I love this post, and I love and miss my girlses!!!!

  2. Miss you, too! And I thought you might be wanting some videos :o)

  3. Aww-Lily and Sam are so cute! *sigh*