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Friday, November 11, 2011

Still Giddy Over Globus

Yesterday the girls and I took our first trip to Globus since being back in Germany.  I have been making a list of things I know I need/want from there and we finally got to it.  I still think it might be a little more costly for me to shop regularly on the economy... but I also still think it's worth it. 

I learned yesterday that I can get it all tax free.  The Germans have a Value Added Tax that is upwards of 20% on non-food items and 7% on food.  But Americans don't have to pay it if you submit a VAT form.  You get reimbursed!  Now, it's not practical to use the forms on small purchases because they cost us $4 a pop... but then I was told by the ladies at the customer service counter that I can save receipts and redeem up to ten on one form!  So I don't need to wait until I have "enough" stuff on my list to make a trip to Globus worth a VAT form.  Still tracking?  Sorry, it's confusing to me, too. 

Just know the moral of the story is that it's good news for the Aiduk family budget.  And I can shop at Globus more.  Which I love!

Hey look!  I now have a more "portable" working camera... on my new phone!  It's not the greatest quality but it fits much better in my purse than the Nikon ;o)  

Globus rocks because they basically feed my kids lunch for free!  Well, the rolls I paid for but they were only about a euro for almost a dozen!  So I gave each of them rolls and then the lady at the meat counter gave them each a huge hot dog for free!  So generous!  And so perfect... cause then no one was cranky!

Here are some of the purchases I'm excited about:

Sorry if you're reading this in the morning and just gagged.  Or if you don't like fish and you just gagged.  I'm not going to lie... I couldn't really look at the sardines when I was cutting them up.  What did I do with them?  I'll tell you later ;o)  Just know for now that I'm experimenting with lacto-fermentation and Jesse is really scared.  Also know that they were wild-caught in the Atlantic two days before I bought them!  NICE! 

The shrimp went in our soup for dinner. 

Pros and cons about buying personal care products on the economy... Pro: you know that there aren't supposed to be any harmful chemicals in things cause the EU has banned most stuff that is icky.  Con: you can't read the labels anyways so what does it really matter? ;o) 

Baby shampoo, hand soap, and conditioner for me.  We'll see how it goes!

I'm pretty excited about this... unrefined Hawaiian sea salt!  So it still has trace minerals in it.  Which means, in moderation, it's good for us!  (And yes, it tastes like normal salt.)

Besides the yummy groceries, these are my favorite purchase.  "House shoes" (as the Germans call slippers) for Lily!  (Lily calls them "slips")  The slippers I had her in were a bit too small all the sudden and so we checked out Globus' selection... only 5 euro!

Here's to warm piggy-toes, happy tummies, and shopping in Germany!

Now I'm off to get started on the day.  The house smells amazing because I've had chicken stock simmering all night.  Unfortunately we have to venture out into the chilly, dreary world to run some errands on Ramstein base.  I wish we could stay in the cozy house all day :o)

But we can at least start with a warm and yummy waffle breakfast! 


  1. where to start? there's so much to comment on!
    Globus seems like a great field trip destination and it is exciting about the tax refunding! cool beans!
    not being able to read labels would be a challenge - i will say it is because i like to be informed..ahem but maybe i should just admit i'm nosey!
    Hmmm bamboo green hawaiian salt....very interesting. how did you take care of the sardines without looking?????!!!! watch them fingers, oh you wielder of the VERY sharp knives!
    the house shoes are so stinking cute! and Lilbear calls them slips? how many other words does she have now?
    yuck, rain, double yuck, cold, triple yuck, rain and cold ;/ only a few months of winter left! x0x0x0x0xx0x0x0

  2. Today is also cloudy in Corning (and cold enough that Dad didn't work outside b/c the forecast for tomorrow is warmer - he has Veteran's Day off).

    Okay so in 2 of the pictures, there's a yellow hard hat that must have a story behind it.

    And yes, I gagged at the sardines - don't care for fish (at least in that form) and hadn't had b-fast yet!

  3. I love my Moms. Now I don't know where to start ;o)

    I started cutting the sardines but looked away as it crunched through the bone. I made sure my fingers were far far away, too!

    She has so many words now! I can't even count them. Let's just say she's a copycat like her cousin Zave is. Basically repeats on (or sometimes two!) words of a sentence she hears. And Jesse even pointed out tonight that she's starting to try out two syllable words!

    Haha that you noticed the hard hat! It's for my friend Laura's son's birthday party on Sunday. Michael turns three. And he calls Lily "Willy" which we all think is adorable. And so I bought him a few boyish toys at Globus :o)

    Sorry for your gag. I guess I should have warned.

    Love you both!

  4. oh man I gagged once after the picture and just now again after reading "crunched through the bone". BLEH I hate seeing fish when they still look like fish. unless they are at an aquarium or their names are nemo and dori.

    SO SAD I missed out on the globus trip. now that I know you will be going more often I am bound to join you again soon enough!

  5. I think Globus should be in the sightseeing tourist brochure