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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Part Two: The Whole Shebang

Cake-pops!  Presents!  Balloons!  OH MY!

 "Ohmygosh Momma... can Lily's birthday be every day?  I love me some cake-pops!" 

Someone's in a deliriously happy sugar daze :o)

After cleaning up the great big sticky happy mess of dinner and dessert, I put Sammy to bed so we could open presents with Lily minus the Whiny-Hiney-Sissy.

The birthday girl seemed very happy with her loot... getting right to the important business of using her new broom and mop from Momma and Daddy.   Then feeding Dolly with her new gear from Aunt Cassie. 

Happy Birthday (again!) to my biggest little girl!


  1. happy happy birthday Lillian Jayce - - and happy every day to you as well! those cake pops look delicious - what fun! sending LOTS of b-day love from the other side of the world!

  2. I want a cake pop!! Yum those look good.

    Happy birthday to the cutest little curly top. :)

  3. Natalie said she is stealing the cake pop idea. ;) And she wants the "exact recipe that Lily used". So, can you send me it? lol

  4. LOL so cute. Yeah I'll send you the recipe... it's super easy. The decorating part is time-consuming but, like with the cookies, it's just so dang fun to get all creative!

  5. you did so good!! I love the first picture too...well composed sister!

  6. Thanks friend! That one was my triumph of the evening ;o) PS next time we're together let's talk "what to do when you're shooting children in the dark" because that's basically what happens in my living room at night. I just switched to auto so I could have the flash. I cheat ;o)

  7. honestly the flash may be your best bet! darkness=orange blurry photos. and no one likes that :( or at least I don't...