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Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Two Favorite Sweepers

Yes, Jen is now on my "favorite helper" list... because she was all over the Thanksgiving floor sweep.  And Lily (of course) was all over the "helping" Jen with that task. 

We love that she feels the need to use the mop as a dust pan.  Good imagination on that kid ;o)

I don't love the weird noises my camera makes when it's focusing in video mode.  Sorry... it's been on my list to check out what Mr. Camera Manual has to say about that for oh I don't know ten weeks.  I'll get to it.  Someday.

Other things Lily mimics that make me smile:

-She uses the "dust mit" from her cleaning set as an oven mit for her play oven! 
-She uses a black measuring cup as a skillet on her play stove!
-She still "nurses" Dolly (even though I tried to explain to her that it's time to wean haha!) and yes she still lactates from her belly button.
-She carries purses and bags around and tells us "bye" (because everyone knows you get all your gear together before heading to the car!)
-She took Dolly over to the Christmas tree and "showed" her.  She did it in the exact same way I did for Sam... I held Sam facing the tree and told her all about how awesome it is but that I'd kick her butt if she touched it.  Apparently Dolly needed the warning, too ;o)

Kids.  Love em!


  1. smart (and talented!) little Lilbear!
    It takes a lot of dexterity to handle sweeping things -
    I love these girls! (oh and kinda curious- how many times has Sam touched the tree????)

  2. My camera makes a weird sound while focusing on video mode, too. Ugh. I definitely gotta figure it out!

  3. I love that mimic-ky kid - - SO MUCH!

  4. The best solution for getting rid of the camera noise is to use an external microphone. Any microphone that is directly attached to the camera (namely the built-in mic) will pick up any vibrations made by the camera, including the camera's auto-focus feature.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Thanks Uncle John! Is there no way to get it to chill out in auto-focus?

    MIL: no tree-touching so far!