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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lesson #8: The Weekend is in the Eye of the Beholder

Yesterday (Monday) was our Saturday.  I'm still getting into the groove of this whole always-different-shift schedule.  It's so tough to keep track of what day it is when your husband doesn't work Monday through Friday like he always used to!

But it's not that bad :o)  He had Sunday and Monday off... then works four days... then has a four day weekend!  Which I'm planning to cram with lots of fun stuff and Thanksgiving prep!

But after a busy day Sunday of church and a birthday party for my friend Laura's son Michael, we were definitely ready for a lazy day.  So we stayed in our pajamas and kept a fire going all day!

I made myself leave the toys out all day.  Usually I make the girls clean up after each play session (and by make the girls I mean I clean up for them while singing the "clean up song" and hoping that someday they'll stop being babies and help) but for our lazy-day we just left it all out.

The girls played pretty nice together and they took a decently long afternoon nap... which allowed me to get a few kitchen projects done.  Like sauerkraut and apple crisp!

Jess got to bond with his new computer game.  It's not one of those loud shoot-em-up games so it doesn't make me cranky ;o)  And nothing is cuter than turning around and seeing Lily snuggled up next to him with Sam standing by the couch begging for up, too.  I love it!

It was a great day.  Not bad for a Monday.  I mean Saturday.  Whatever.  It's a really good thing I'm an organization freak and am addicted to looking at my to-do list and calendar every five minutes... otherwise I'm sure I'd get all confused and miss appointments because I forget what day it is!  

I never realized how much I used my husband's work schedule as my weekly rhythm till he started on a different schedule!  I'm gonna have to set an alarm so I don't miss church on the Sunday's he has to work ;o)

Maybe this is a good Air Force Wife Lesson.  I forget what number I'm on now.  But I would say I'm learning that It's not important what day of the week your husband's time off is.  It's important that you stop your normal routine and enjoy being home together (or out having fun!) as a family.  The "weekend" is just the time you get to rest together... whenever it falls! 

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