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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Sammy's almost done nursing.  

True hippies don't wean their babies... ever.  But I'm not into that aspect of hippie-ness.  I'm much more into getting a break from breastfeeding two babies for the past two years.  Not that I'm complaining.  I did have a month off in between after all ;o)

But seriously, I'm not complaining.  I loved nursing my girls.  I loved rocking them and snuggling them and rubbing their soft heads... nursing forces you to take a break and just be still for a bit.  And I love that.  I also love all the other benefits of nursing... mainly the health benefits for them.  The sweetness of it all plus the health factor just make breastfeeding so so so awesome! 

Still.  I'm ready to retire the boppy.  I was so sad to wean Lily but I'm so excited to wean Sam!  I feel kind of guilty about it, but not when I think about the reasons... I know it's because of the season I'm in.  Weaning girl 1 was a necessity because girl 2 was on her way.  So it was bittersweet because I felt like I didn't have much of a choice. 

But now, with Sam, I still feel like weaning at a year is the right choice for our family.  Sammy is an interesting kid, anyways, because she's never been as hardcore about nursing as her sister... she's much too distracted.  Probably by her sister! ;o)  So she really doesn't seem to mind or even notice that we're already down to two feedings a day.  And while I'm a little sad to see this season end for Samantha and I, I'm not too sad about it. 

It's time for me to start seeing her as the big girl she's growing into.  I think about this a lot lately... how at this age I was prepping Lily for being a big sister.  At 13 months old, I saw Lily as my little toddler.  Because I had an infant!  So Lily's baby phase ended a lot sooner than Sam's will... in my mind.  I am definitely not wanting another baby on the near horizon... so for now, Sam is the baby. 

And even though I won't be nursing her in that chair for much longer, I certainly love sitting in it and reading to them.  I sometimes work in a pre-bed snuggle with Lily in the chair when I can.  Maybe I'll start squeezing both of them onto my lap before bed! 

Bye-bye breastfeeding.  You've been good to us.  We'll miss you.

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  1. aawwwww . . . bittersweet!

    I must admit, when I first saw the title and just the top half of the photo, I had some trouble getting my bearings . . . I knew the window looked like Germany, but the chair looked like it did pre-refinishing and I couldn't for the life of me think where you were going with the post. don't worry, it didn't take me long to catch up!