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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Hair

I wore a sock bun for the squadron's Christmas party last night.  Thanks to Amber for the inspiration! 

With a little practice, it would take less than ten minutes to make this classy, dressy little hairstyle.  It did not, however, take me less than ten minutes ;o)  In fact, we were running late because of it.  I kept having to redo it! 

We still made it to the party on time but we weren't able to hit the Otterberg Christmas Market :o(  Good thing we're going to be living in Otterberg for two more Christmases :o) 

The bun was totally worth it!  I love it because it makes my usually sad little bun (stupid thin hair!) look amazingly full!  Plus it's fast and easy (well, if you practice it a bit) and it looks really fancy.  AND since you don't need bobby pins, it doesn't pull or hurt at all!  Though I don't think it would withstand any dancing... thankfully no one really got out on the dance floor so I didn't have to decide if I wanted to sacrifice my hair to have fun.  My bun stayed in all night and I still had fun! 

Here's the tutorial I used. 


  1. how lovely! (hey- hope you got a pic of the two of you all gussied up?)
    hope you had a wonderful time.

  2. it's purdy! I am also hoping for a pic of both of you looking spiffy (and glad to see you aren't wearing that U-12 soccer shirt)!!!!