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Monday, December 19, 2011

Our First Snow Brought Me Some Perspective

The girls came downstairs from nap yesterday to see their first German snow!

Lily noticed it right away... she said "Oh!" and I said "Snow!" and she said "Shhnow!" :o)  

And then Sam even figured out that something was amiss out there!  They sat in front of the door forever.  

Seriously, it was at least two whole minutes :o)

And I'm pretty sure Sam licked the window a few times.

Unfortunately for them (and me!) it didn't snow very long.  But it certainly was pretty while it lasted.

Though the day didn't end with a "winter wonderland" it was definitely a beautiful ending!

Which was nice considering it started rather lamely with me accidentally chucking my iPod Touch across the floor and cracking the corner of the screen.  I was really grumpy for most of the morning over it... plus the fact that both girls seem to have come down with nasty coughs... PLUS the fact that I had a ton of catching up on chores and kitchen projects.  I was feeling sorry for myself over the iPod and long to-do list and sorry for the girls because I'm pretty certain I got them sick being way too busy last week. 

But then the snow started to fall.  And, as anticipated, the view from our wall of windows overlooking Otterberg was breathtaking :o)  I forced myself to stop my grumping and bustling around and just sit on the couch for a few minutes to enjoy it.  

iPods break.  Kids get sick.  But that doesn't mean your day has to be bad.  It just means life happens and it isn't always awesome... but you can still enjoy the parts that are!  Like peacefully falling snow. 

And excited crusty-nosed kids with their pudgy fingers all over your window. 


  1. arghh! just wrote a comment and blogger ate it!
    anyway, quick recap -
    bad- cracked ipod and runny noses and coughs
    good- shnow, sitting, and perspective

  2. oh man I am glad that the girls have coughs because at least they are getting some of that weezy-ness out. I am also sorry about the ipod :( I left my stinkin brand new phone at home! yeah. I'm an idiot!

    I loved this post. the snow is gorgeous and I just made deb and one of my friends come look at the pictures of the girls...and I read the snow conversation with lily out loud to them. :) I miss you guys already.

  3. Yeah but I think I'd rather have them wheeze than all feverish and grumpy. They were both pretty miserable yesterday... but they took a four hour nap! And they slept really well. Here's hoping they're on the mend!

    Did you say it in Lily's "voice"? ;o) Miss you too!

  4. Your photos are really beautiful.

    Sorry about your ipod and the kids getting sick. I feel like I've been recovering from a cold for like the last month, even if it hasn't been quite that long.

  5. Thanks Andrew! I hope you feel better soon... no fun being sick at Christmas.