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Friday, December 2, 2011

Lily Now Knows That "Helping" Mommy Bake Rocks

We made Sammy "birthday bread" during her nap.  And by we I mean I... and Lily watched without being too much of a pain ;o)  I chose to just do pumpkin bread because I want to keep things simple and also I'm making a ton of sweets lately so the last thing anyone needs is more sugar.

Except that I added the sprinkles and I made frosting.  Half healthy?

Well anyways I rocked Lily's world cause I let her lick the beaters... my intention was to have one of them for myself.  But I guess when you have the camera in hand you forfeit your right to half the beater-frosting cause she magically snagged them both! :o)

She was all "mmmm" and "more" and "thank you".

And she had a hard time understanding (or accepting) done.  Of course ;o)

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