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Friday, December 9, 2011

My Favorite Fire-Tender is Home for the Next Two Days

The weather outside is frightful this morning... unfortunately not in a snowy-way :o( 

But I don't mind a cozy, rainy day at home.  Especially since the girls and I just got done with three days of being out and about.  We could definitely use a chill out at home by the fire kind of day.  I just have some laundry to put away and some simple cleaning to do to get ready for our Sweater Party tomorrow night. 

Which will leave plenty of time to play on the floor with my girls and snuggle on the couch with my Love.

Happy Friday!


  1. yay for the sweater party- someone on freecycle was requesting Christmassy sweaters and it made me wonder if they were doing a sweater party.

    daddy's tending the fire and the girls are tending daddy...

    finally, jesse's pyromanic tendencies have a productive outlet =)

  2. For sure... his love of the fire goes nicely with my love of being warm :o)