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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ring, Ring... Hello?

Lily's newly obsessed with "PHONE".  She likes to turn all sorts of random objects into phones.  She wants to talk on the phone when I'm talking on the phone (very inconvenient as all I hear while I'm on the phone is "PHONE PHONE PHOOOOOONE" at my ankles).  But I'm excited about her excitement... mostly because I'm giving her my old cell phone as a toy phone for Christmas :o)

Sam takes learning from her Big Sis very seriously.  And apparently her ears are on the back of her neck ;o) 


  1. that first pic of Lilbear looks so much like her auntie Steph!!

    the girls are illustrating the 'trickle down' theory of learning - Samjo learns from sissie, sissie learns from momma... soo to follow that line of reasoning - somewhere back down the road momma must've had ears on the back of her head too!!

    oh- and Lilbear is ambiphonedrous!! such a legacy for the fam =)! (and that will be one HUGE phone bill when she's 14- daddy's phone on one ear to a friend and momma's phone on the other ear talking to another friend!


  2. that 2-phone thought is a good idea! I actually think YOU (Jess) thought of it in High School!!!

    here's a thought - - talk to the person you're skyping on the phone - - would that make LJ slow down a little? if she had the phone in her hand would she sit still long enough to talk on the camera? might work!

  3. BTW - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE today's pictures!!!

  4. Yeah Mom that might work! We can try it sometime soon. Love you both!