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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Photo Shoot from Hades

Good photographers have a way of making a really rough morning look so cute and sweet and happy.  My friend Laura is a really good photographer.  Because I was not expecting even half of the pictures you are about to see to turn out.  Why?  Because my kids were being jerks that morning! 

Seriously, people.  It was bad.  My experience thus far with family photo shoots is not extensive... but in this family, they are generally a pain in the butt.  Photo shoot one was when Lily was a peanut and of course (like a good mommy) I scheduled the shoot for in between her naps and of course (like a mean baby) she didn't nap well and then was a cranky jerk the whole time. 

That was such a lame experience (though somehow our friend managed to get some fantastic shots!) that we hadn't done it since.  But then I moved to Germany and became friends with a gaggle of really talented photographers.  So I drew straws and picked one.  Just kidding, I picked Laura cause she has a studio set up in her house and I wanted to do a shoot about the time Sammy turned a year old.  Outdoor shoots in December seem like another pain in the butt waiting to happen.  And also cold.

Well I suppose I shouldn't have planned this second family photo shoot for the day after a dinner party where I knew my girls would be up late.  Because they did not want to wake up and then they did not want to smile.  Or hug.  Or look their normal cute selves.  I was seriously sweating buckets I was so stressed... I'm pleasantly surprised you can't tell in the pictures!

The only thing that kept me from gouging my eyes out was Laura's kind smile and assurance that yes, in fact, this was a completely normal family photo shoot.  It's like those booger KNOW that we want them to be sweet and so they immediately turn into demons!  Just kidding it wasn't that bad.  Or maybe it was.  I can't remember anymore and the fact that these photos turned out so great is just a testimony to the miracle-work of Laura!

What's really funny to me is that I expected there to be a ton of really fun bloopers to show you but there weren't!  Only a few of Sam crying ;o)  It was a good experience... I think I learned a few lessons.  Next time (if Jesse ever lets me do this to us again - ha!) I will surely plan it when the girls are well rested.  And in the likely event that it won't matter, I'll come armed with their favorite snacks.

Because we had to use the last of Laura's suckers and cheerios just to make this happen! ;o)

Here's the rest of the wonderful pictures.  I can't wait to get them up on the walls!  Thanks Laura!


  1. I love these! But it seriously looks like you are *torturing* Samantha in a couple of them!

  2. I think she seriously thought we *were* torturing her!

  3. I had seen them on fb yesterday and I read this today...had NO idea that was like how you described! Def. a miracle....I absolutely love them all!!!

  4. i just keep coming back to look-
    what a memory you guys have made. for us, and for you. you'll be able to tell sammalamma all about how she 'loved' having her pic taken!

  5. I know. I'm glad we have this season of our/their lives documented professionally. It's fun to have us all together in pictures every once in a while.