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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paper Dolls = A Success

Lily's first paper dolls.  Toni gave me an American Girl Doll magazine to look through and instead of tossing it when I was done I decided to make some simple paper dolls for Lily for Christmas.

Though they didn't actually end up being that simple (what with all the cutting out and all) and I was holding her reaction loosely (expecting her to be a little too young) I've been pleasantly surprised with her reaction...

She likes them!

They're extra fun and special because they only come out during Sissy's naptime (I didn't make them sturdy enough to withstand Miss Everything Still Goes In The Mouth).

As I was looking through the magazine a memory came back to me from my Grandma's house... which is extra-special because I don't have very many... she made us girls big American Girl Doll "paper dolls" by pasting the full size images onto cardboard.  I remember playing with them at her house.

It's funny the things you remember from your childhood.  I also remember that my Grandma made a mighty delicious grilled cheese sandwich :o)

I'm glad LJ likes them.

Because I definitely almost got carpal tunnel from the project ;o)


  1. these are so very cool! it does look like she really appreciate your hard work =) and what a great memory to share with her

  2. What a great idea! Natalie subscribes to that catalog. I'll have to remember to get snag it before she does. Hope your hands have healed up! ;)

  3. Nicole, all I did was cut them out and glue them to some sturdy-ish poster board. Then just clear contact paper to both sides and cut an outline. If I was to make them without a baby in the house I would probably only do contact paper on the front and I would cut it out more closely... I think it looks cooler that way. But Sam's a slobber face still.

  4. Such a neat idea!! One of a few good memories that I have of my Grandma on my mom's side was when she would make really yummy grilled cheese sandwiches....must be a Grandma thing. :D

  5. Maryah, I bet it's cause Grandma's always want to be cool so they use an extra slice of cheese or something!

  6. I think it's really cool that you remember the ones you had at Grandma's house! B and I went to see her today, no grilled cheese sandwiches, though - - bummer!

  7. I don't think I would have remembered them if I hadn't been looking through and American Girl mag... then it just hit me :o)

  8. it's funny, because I bet you remembered the ones grandma made from the pics of those first ones - that first picture looks eerily familiar (like you would think they had changed their 'stock' over the years!)

  9. Great idea!! They turned out so cute!