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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Three Sick Ducks

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All three Aiduk girls are sick now.  Thankfully, the Mr. didn't catch it... which is good for him because he doesn't have the option to stay in his pajamas all day and watch kid cartoons on the couch. 

I'm hoping yesterday was the worst of it with icky soupy poopy (Double Trouble) and a low grade fever (me).  We all still have coughs and runny noses.  But we pushed fluids with the girls yesterday and they got lots of rest.  Plus everyone slept well... I feel much better after ten hours of sleep! 

And I think the girls are feeling better cause I just started hearing them giggling and talking to each other upstairs... a much better wake up disposition than the screaming of yesterday (Lily was very unhappy about the state of her diaper... and I don't blame her because she ended up with a nasty diaper rash from it!). 

All this to say it's going to stay quiet on the blog for at least a few more days.  I don't have the energy to sort through all our Christmas video footage.  But we did have a Merry Merry Christmas!  Pray that we all feel better soon because I'm a really whiny sick person and when Momma's a grouchy whiny-hiney it makes everything even worse! :o) 

Okay, off to go see the damage in those two diapers upstairs... then snuggles on the couch for most of the day! 

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