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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wanna Have Breakfast With Us?

I was trying to capture how weird Lily eats... I'm sure it's quite normal according to the "toddler handbook", but she really likes to dip her food and sometimes it turns out gross.  She usually still eats it all so I'm not complaining!  (Even the deviled egg filling on the pumpkin muffin that one time!  Ewww)

Then Sam wanted in on the home video and she was wiggling her feet all around and being a cutie. 

These girls.  I just love 'em.  Don't really love the mess they make, but I guess it comes with the territory, huh?


  1. thanks for sharing breakfast with us!
    I love the part of your conversation with Lilbear that went "I don't really know what you're saying there" to which she responded "MMMMMMM"- !!!
    does Lily watch yu decorating cookies? cause it sure looked like she was frosting her pancakes ;) and she certainly is artsy like her mom expressing some of her creativity around her food!

  2. TJ is obsessed with "dip!" too. Every condiment is "Dip! Dip Dip!"

  3. She's saying "dips" mom! That was both one of Lucia's and Giovanna's first phrases..."dip dip". They "dip dip" everything!! Giovanna is huge into dip dipping veggies in ketchup. Whatever...at least she's eating fresh veggies. If you're ever having a hard time selling a food item to them...give them their own bowl of dip dip. Works every time!

  4. I realized after watching it again later that she was saying "dips" :o)

    Update: I've finally found a recipe of ranch dip that I love and I see a lot of branching out into new veggie-dipping possibilities here!