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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Few Things I've Learned This Week

1.  I get easily bored of children's movies.  With a few exceptions, I can only stand to watch a movie once and then I have to wait a long time before watching it again.  And given the fact that there's been sickness in this house on and off for about a month now, I'm getting kind of tired of our selection!  But today we watched the Lion King and it brought back so many childhood memories!  And yes, I cried when Mufasa died.  Now I just have to get a few more movies to amp up our "sickness storehouse"... it's so nice to snuggle up with Lily during Sam's morning nap.  She even lets me snooze a bit on mornings when I'm really tired.  I only get woken up to her whispering "potty potty" when she has to go ;o)

2.  It's wise to stock up on children's medicines BEFORE you need them.  Take, for example, when you're in Germany on a Thursday night and your baby's fever won't go down.  And when you finally take her temp, you realize that it's high enough for a 1yo that you have to go to the ER (the US hospital is a half hour from us).  On Jesse's only night off.  Which could have been prevented if I'd been prepared.  *sigh*  Oh well, lesson learned.  And they gave us a bottle of Motrin AND Tylenol so we are all set now.  (And PS she was totally fine after she got some meds.  And has been improving after a few good night's rest thanks to a dose before bed.  I'm a hippie but I know when medicine makes a difference!)

3.  I don't like swing shifts.  I thought I would, I really did!  And some people may like them.  But I just hate not having daily time alone with Jesse.  I didn't realize how much I loved our quiet, kid-free evenings together.  The only time he's home and awake the girls are usually awake... which means my attention is divided and by the time he gets around and heads out to work I feel like we haven't connected at all!  He comes home around 11:30pm and hasn't been able to fall asleep right away... so he stays up for a few hours.  And on the rare night that I miss him bad enough to stay up and watch a movie with him, I'm POOPED in the morning.  So no, I don't really like this shift.  But I don't think I'm going to like mid shifts (starting next month, 11p-7a) any better ;o)  Guess we'll just enjoy the good and accept the bad of each shift as they come!  Can't do much about it anyways, right?

4.  I should have known it was too good to be true.  Remember how I explained that even though Jesse's schedule changed every month and was a different shift every two months, it was awesome because he only usually worked 3-4 days at a time?  And always got at least one 4 day weekend a month plus a few three days?  Not any more.  Apparently some of the senior members of the squadron felt that this was a bit too lenient of a schedule.  Which I can understand... but it's still a bummer to go back to my husband working the normal five days when I was getting really used to him only working 3 days!  Welcome to the Air Force... just when you get used to something, it changes! 

5.  I'm a homebody but I need to get out.  It's a complicated feeling.  I really like being home and I get overwhelmed easily when I keep too fast a pace with out-of-the-house activities.  BUT on the other hand, I am getting antsy being "stuck" at home with sick kids.  The last time I left the house was to go to a ladies' bible study on Tuesday... and boy has the week since just seemed to drag!  I'm seriously looking forward to my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning... mostly because we have a date-lunch planned for after.  Thanks Tiffany for watching the girls!

And that concludes most of what I've learned this week ;o)  I am taking time to work through a great book, The Happiness Project.  And I've exercised three times AND worked in my sketch book a little bit.  I kept up on laundry and dishes, made some yummy food, snuggled with my family, and even had a skype date with an Air Force wifey friend in Alaska!  So it wasn't a bad week at all! 


  1. #5: you're learning/realizing that your dad's 'balance' speech was smart - - being home all the time, AND being out all the time are both out of balance! . . . now all we have to do is give HIM that balance speech real soon so he figures out which of these jobs is what he should be doing!

    love you, girl!

    1. So true! For someone who preaches balance so much he sure does work a lot ;o)

  2. we were looking at movies for you guys the other day- have any suggestions?
    ER alone with two littles must have been pretty scary. are you feeling well?
    so many lessons in such a short time...we're thankful for God's grace to help you during and through all this.

    1. We'd love any of the classic Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast, Bambi, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, Robin Hood... those are some of my old faves that we currently don't have.) And thankfully I didn't have to go to the ER alone cause Jesse was home... and double thankfully we didn't have to take Lily cause Laura was able to watch her for us and she lives on the way to the hospital.