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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pizza Bites Mmmmmm

I made these pizza bites for the first time this week.  And they were so tasty that I made them twice!  They're one of those great, easy appetizers or fast, simple weeknight dinners.  For round one, we did half pepperoni and half mushroom/onion.  For round two, Jesse had finished off all the pepperoni (shocker, I know!) so we just did veggie.  I added red pepper and I decided to saute the veggies first.  A good decision... it made for an extra step and an extra dish but it was worth it.

Also, make sure to think small as you're forming them.  I made the balls for round one too big which just means too much bread, not enough veggies/meat/cheese inside.  Also, depending on what kind of dough you use (I used my normal no-knead dough, but white as a treat) you may have to use some flour to keep things from sticking.  Just saying.

Here's the link to Annie's recipe.  Glance around her blog... a MOPS friend shared it recently and so far I'm in love!  Besides being in love with her food photography, I'm pretty much wanting to try all of her recipes! 

Yeah, cause I needed more recipes to try ;o)

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