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Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting it Back Together Again

This cold just won't let me go.  I've asked nicely... I've fed it potassium broth... I've given it lots of sleep... I've consumed ten gallons of tea... but my nose is still a waterfall of delightful snots.  You're welcome for that mental picture.  Thankfully, the drippy nose and slight congestion are all that's left.  I have some energy back, which is allowing me to get back on me feet and get into a good routine again.  Lily is feeling better, Sam is still sick like me.  I'm calling her Crusty Nose. 

She's in relatively good spirits about it all, though.  She just takes long naps and goes happily to bed a little early.  Hopefully in about a week we'll be leaving the house for fun things (besides grocery shopping).  But we're not doing too bad just hanging out at home, getting into our swing of things.

I'm even doing my normal hippie laundry routine so you know I must be feeling better :o)

I'm also cooking regular meals again.  The above was a breakfast trail this week: cream cheese breakfast pastries.  Not really worth sharing the recipe... the girls ate them like they were amazing but J and I were less than impressed.  It's a good way to use up the homemade cream cheese I accumulate when I make whey, but that's about it ;o)

I even made some homemade crackers today!  Jess was mentioning the mid-shift requires more munchy food in his "lunch" so he doesn't succumb to the vending machines.  So I gave crackers a try.  We'll see if he at them ;o)  But Lily loves them, so it's no loss.

Here she is helping Momma make "Daddy cracks" (crackers for Daddy). 

Such a good helper ;o)


  1. Awww - - Crusty nose, I love you so much! I'm glad you're still a happy girl! Feel better soon, Sammy-girl!

    Lily-bear, I'm glad you're such a good helper makin' cracks!

  2. sorry the cold is still hanging on...
    do you guys have a humidifier? with the dry heat of the fire, nasal passages dry and offer less protection against germs. humidifiers add enough moisture to protect against that...i think it really does help- we seem to have fewer colds now that we use one...

  3. Lilybear is such a serious little chef. and i love how her little belly kind of sits on the counter ;)

  4. We all seem to be feeling a little better today :o)

  5. I totally had that EXACT same drying rack in Italy, used it nearly every day. In our housing units people threw them out all the time, I should have grabbed a couple extra for here, but didn't.

  6. I looooove this drying rack. It's only 10e new at the German grocery store. I got it a little cheaper used. But I might pick up a spare before we come back. It's so nice and big!