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Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Slipper Wonder

Look at this kid.  Her new thing is to take off her slippers.  But she only makes it as far as one... then she gives up.  And ends up going one-footed for a bit till either Big Sis or Momma notices.  (Big Sis gets VERY concerned when Sissy is only wearing one "slips") 

It's really funny cause you'll hear her grunting and groaning in the corner of the room and it sounds eerily like she's, eh, taking a big old crap ;o)  But turns out taking a slipper off is pretty dang hard for her... they're really great slippers (even though Jesse thinks they look like pink bags on their feet) because they last forever and they don't usually come off very easy.  Usually.

And look at Baldy's hair!  She's getting the wave in the back!  Looks like there might be some curly hair on the horizon (probably distant at the rate it grows!) for my bald little one :o)


  1. Aww . . . Sammy's getting hair! yay Sam!

  2. It's funny how I used to think Lily was so bald and looking back at pictures she had more hair than Sam has at this age.

  3. looks like it's going to be curly too!

  4. the title of this blog is great- and it's funny how taking a slipper off can be such a worthwhile endeavor!

  5. What's really funny is when I think she's taking a poop and come around the corner to find her huffing and puffing to get the slipper off!