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Friday, January 13, 2012

Peace... Love... Joy

I took this picture a few days ago.  The afternoon sun was so lovely.  I was going to use the picture to illustrate a post about how blessed I feel lately.  How much peace I have... how good God has been... the love I feel when I look at my husband getting all dressed up for our retirement party date night tonight... the joy that fills my heart when I hear my girls laughing together as they play...

But instead this post is about heartbreaking news we received yesterday.  A dear friend from back home has died in a horrible accident.  He was so young.  So so so young.  Like my age... a few years younger perhaps.  More like my brother's age... my brother.  Someone my brother's age is gone.  It's terrible.  I don't even know a single detail and it's just absolutely killing me.

My head was spinning with so many sad thoughts last night... and today.  Memories of this friend.  Questions towards heaven... lots of "why" questions.  Longings... I long to be in Corning with my hurting friends and family right now.  I want to hold them and cry with them.

I want to whisper words of peace, love, and joy to them... even as I so desperately need to whisper them to myself.


  1. I'm so sorry Jess! I hate that feeling and sadly know it all too well. Try to focus on the fact that God knows our number of days..and although we don't understand, He had a reservation for your friend in Heaven!

  2. ouch. So sorry for your loss, and for the loss those you love are also experiencing.

  3. Jess! I am so sorry to hear this! I will be praying for you and for his family! Love you!