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Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

The temperatures have finally decided to act like it's Winter around here.  It's been so cold that Lily has been able to add a few new words to her vocab: ICE (on the car) and SHNOW (on the... all over). 

It. Is. Cold.  Like, freeze your nose hairs cold.  This is the cold that I remember growing up with in good old NY... the cold that I didn't really miss during our winter in Mississippi. 

It doesn't help that Jesse and I are challenging ourselves to keep the heat down as low as we can stand till we know how much we're spending on oil heating each month.  We are currently paying a set amount to the landlady based on what the previous tenants used... but we've heard horror stories of people owing $3,000 at the end of the year.  So we're scared.

And cold.  Did I mention I'm cold? ;o)  Fear not... I'm armed with multiple layers of clothes, corn bags, tea, blankets, and hot showers/baths.  And a hair-dryer.  I will survive this winter.

Back to the girls and their new vocab words:  Lily also says MITS (mittens) and NECK (scarf).  I don't know why she calls the scarves "necks" because she knows what neck, the body part, is.  And she knows that the clothing item is not the same... I'm sure she knows the word she just won't say it cause she's stubborn ;o) 

Sam is a little weirded out by the mittens.  And I'm a little bummed that it now feels like it takes 15 minutes just to get everyone in boots, coats, scarves, hats, and mittens and FINALLY OUT THE DOOR!  And that doesn't include that half an hour walk down two flights of stairs at a toddler pace with one kid on my hip.  And the 10 minutes to strap them both in all their gear into the car seats.  And no I never exaggerate. 

But I guess it's all worth it as long as my Peanut and Monkey are warm :o)  And the cold makes the thought of Spring that much sweeter to me.  We have more snow in the forecast this week and it's going to stay cooooold.  'Tis the season to stay as snuggled and warm as possible, right?


  1. yes, please stay as snuggled and warm as possible! did you run out of wood for your fireplace?!?! if not, you should def. use that more often!

    It is STILL not snowy in NY and not really cold (like freeze your nose hairs cold) either! we drove home from splash lagoon in a blizzard, but it was not accumulating here . . . temps are supposed to be back in the 40's this week - ugh!

  2. our thermostat is set to 56. it's cold. I now understand why my mom says she holds a personal grudge against NY winters.

    love the monkey hat.

  3. Wow you guys are like our kindred spirits ;o) I don't know exactly how cold we keep it... but we can keep doors closed and only heat the rooms we use. So I am currently using our unheated hallway as overflow refrigerator space. Brr.