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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best MOPS Playdate Ever

So MOPS has a playdate or get-together of some sort on the off weeks between meetings... but I rarely go cause I'm either busy or I just want a break that week.  (And by rarely I mean I've never gone hehe)  But this whole "let's meet up at the Community Center to play in the bounce house" was just too good to pass up!

You can rent the room and bounce house at the Community Center on the base (Vogelweh... the base where our APO is and where I grocery shop most weeks) for only $50!  So we all showed up and split the cost of two super fun hours!  Worked out to $3.50 a family.  Totally worth it.

Sam was completely unafraid.

Apparently she thought the adventure of being out in the middle of it all was worth the risk of getting her head jumped on.  Seriously, it almost happened a couple times ;o)  But kids are hardy, right?  No worries.

We took a little lunch break...

...chatted with some of the other moms...

...and got back to the business of having fun.

It was hard to get good video because (contrary to my nonchalant attitude) I really was concerned for my smallest daughter's safety.  She was acting like it was no big deal to be crawling underneath some 6yo's feet.  Lily had a great time but she stuck close to Sissy... every once in awhile that protective nature comes out.  Or that could have just been me saying, "Lily go stand next to Sissy" in hopes that the 2yo could offer some protection for the 1yo ;o)  But really, they were both perfectly fine.

A little tired by the end of two hours, but fine!


  1. Bouncy Houses are one of the funnest toys ever!

  2. I lost one of my front baby teeth in a bouncy house...my sis and I knocked heads! Other than that experience, I agree with Steph :P

    1. Yikes! Lost teeth in a bouncy house! Sounds like a nightmare for the tooth fairy ;o)