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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dublin: The City

Where to begin?  First, Dublin was absolutely lovely, as the Irish would say ;o)  Second, I am in no way going to be able to cover all the fun adventures we had in just a few posts.  I have quite a few in my head right now but it might take me awhile to get to them. 

But for the whole trip in pictures, head over to my facebook album.  I do apologize that the photos uploaded a bit out of order.  I tried to fix it but I'm still recovering from a cold and in the process of getting used to all my Mommy-duties again.  So I didn't have the energy to fix it!

Any city in Europe is like this... but isn't it so unreal to think about a city where you can walk around and see multiple churches and buildings that were built hundreds of years before our country was even founded?

Even Phoenix Park is 350 years old!  

Walking around and just enjoying the architecture was so fun!  And all the double decker buses just make me smile.  Speaking of walking around... I lost a couple pounds on this trip and I couldn't figure out why cause I definitely ate a lot!  But then I remembered four days of walking.  Oh :o)  

By the way, do you realize how confusing it is to be somewhere where they drive on the "wrong side?"  There are signs painted on the sidewalk reminding dummy tourists to look right when crossing!

It's not very often as a Mom that you can just sit down at a local pub and not even care about what time it is.  Usually I'm so worried about the fact that I have to get up with the girls in the morning that I have a hard time enjoying a late night, you know?  But we were able to enjoy the night life and sleep in past 7am almost every single day!  Ahhhh!

Jesse said he'd paint me a yellow door someday.  I think I'll die happy if I can say I had a yellow door once ;o)  

THIS is the MALL.  Jen and I explored the pedestrian shopping district on Monday and it was amazing!  So many cute shops!  And then the mall!  Look at all those windows!  It was absolutely gorgeous inside!  Not to mention the fact that I was able to shop at a relaxed pace (read: I wasn't worried about getting home for the girls' nap) so I actually walked away with three pairs of shorts!  Yay for Spring clothes!

When I wasn't enjoying the jaw-dropping scenery of the city, I was admiring all the latest fashions of the folks walking around!  People watching was so very, very fun!  I did feel a little under-dressed at times.  But you'll have that.  I am a stay at home mom after all.  I can no longer say I am skilled with stilettos.  Not that I could ever say that, ha!  But it was still fun to admire the cute outfits and get ideas for how to spruce up my Mommy-wardrobe a bit!

Sometimes when I'm in a great city like Dublin I wonder if I could live in a city and be happy.  Depending on the city, I think it could be really nice (don't worry Mom, I'm not moving to Ireland!) but then I think that maybe I'm too much of an outdoors-lover.  I need to see green in my backyard, you know?  

But oh, the city is just so pretty!  And the people!  And the places to go!  And the food to eat!  And the shopping!  Who am I kidding?  I can't afford to live in a city ;o)


  1. I can't afford it either...but I would love it as well!! I love your shots. The first one with the tree and the bus is so pretty and I have a thing for colored doors as well so I appreciate the yellow one :)