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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dublin: The Travel Buddies

Raise your hand if you're excited for MOMCATION!!!

Introducing:  THE GIRLS.  In the first picture, from L-R you have Andrea, Tatjana (she's German!), Christie, Yours Truly, and Marissa.  In this picture you have Tatjana, Marissa, and Say.  Behind the camera in almost all of the pictures for this post is Jen.  But you know her ;o)

And you know that I really admire her photography and am really learning so much from her.  So it makes perfect sense for me to steal her work to illustrate my blog, right?  That's what I thought.  And she doesn't mind sharing.

Let's not forget Melanie, my other new German friend.  She doesn't like this picture because she thinks she was so hungry that she looks grumpy.  And I don't blame her... we were all mighty hungry at this particular lunch.  I really enjoyed getting to know Melanie.  She humored me by answering lots of my questions about German culture.  She's great and I can't wait to get to know her better!

This is Andrea and she is always smiling :o) 

This is Say (short for Lindsay in case you're wondering... cause I know I was!) and she invited me on this lovely little Mommy Getaway.  I really appreciate her opening up her circle of friends to me.  Cause I'm usually a lot more selfish with my close friends but she was like COME ON! and BRING A FRIEND!  So I did.  And I hope she knows that this means she's stuck with me for the rest of her time here ;o) 

Tatjana.  From Bavaria (in Germany), met and married an American Soldier, lived in the States for a few years, and now is back in lovely Germany.  (I took this photo)  She's super hilarious! 

Christie and Say.  I'm pretty sure Christie needed this vacation more than anyone.  Mommy of three girls... on vacation this winter... comes home to find out her house was flooded and most of her stuff is covered in mold!  She's had a rough few months, but you would never know from hanging out with her!  Happiest person ever!  (My picture)

Dublin was great but it was even more spectacular traveling with such a great group of girls!  

And dear Jen, thanks for putting up with all the Mommy-talk.  I know we *tried* to restrain ourselves, but you were gracious for when we couldn't help it ;o) 


  1. lol I just thought it was funny that you kept calling it momcation but you all couldn't stop talking about being moms. gotta love it. at least I know you are all great moms who would never ever be able to abandon your children. haha.

    1. Yeah that's what we call dedication... or obsession ;o)

  2. Hi girls, nice to meet you all (except Jen, we already know Jen) - - thanks for getting the first posts up about the trip - - so epic and cool that you could just head over to Ireland for a weekend.

    We had a PC student from Great Britain preach at church a couple weeks ago - - my favorite part (besides his accent) was when he was thanking a fellow PC student from FL for coming to NY with him - - he's not used to being able to drive for more than 4 hours, head in any direction for that long where he's from and you end up in the ocean!

    1. Haha I didn't think of that! Even in Germany I've heard people mention that it's weird how we think it's normal to drive, say, 12 hours to see family... and they'd be in a couple other countries at that point! Gotta love the great, BIG United States :o)