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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Girl and Her Cup

Look at this kid.  

She drinks from a big girl cup now!


Some of my friends told me two year olds are usually capable of drinking from a cup.  I haven't been very good at keeping up with what developmental milestones we should be working on, so I just trusted them and started to give it a try.  

I gave up after a week!  It was terrible.  I tried all the different sizes of cups we had on hand (even some small glass jars!) and nothing worked... I got tired of constantly changing her shirt :o)  So I passed her the sippy cup and added "find a cup Lily can drink out of" to my shopping list.  

Globus saved the day!  These little plastic beauties are apparently the perfect size and width for her to handle.  About two weeks after the initial try, she's a pro!  The only time she spills is when the whole cup accidentally flies across the table or floor ;o) 

I had to snap these two to show you what I mean about her being neat and tidy.  After eating the morning's waffles with her hands she whined that her hands were MESS and asked for a CLOSH to KEEN her hands off.  That's my girl!

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