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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Garden Happenings

Jesse transplanted all the tomatoes and peppers this weekend.

The tomatoes not only needed more space for their roots but more space to spread out their limbs :o)

And there are the peppers.

He also planted the broccoli and lettuce.

My indoor parsley, cilantro, and basil are doing well.  Now to learn how to harvest from them without killing them.  Anyone have any tips?

It's hard to believe Cassie and Zave will be here next week!  I feel like I have a list a mile long of things to do before they come... one of them is that we  need to finish sifting the garden so that it's ready for planting before we leave.  Mark and Toni are possibly going to plant the actual garden for us while we're gone in May, so it needs to be ready by the end of April.  

I also need to research some organic slug pellets.  A hippie friend tipped me off to these beauties... apparently she found them on amazon last year.  Cause I just can't handle slugs eating my beautiful plants!  

It snowed a little yesterday morning.  Kind of makes it hard to get motivated to go dig in the dirt ;o)  But the periodic sunshine and the stubborn Spring flowers outside tell me that yes, Spring will be here soon!  So we need to get on the ball and prep that garden!


  1. You don't need pellets! You can place lines of crushed eggshells around the base, or make "slug traps" made by digging a shallow hole and placing a cup of beer (or other yeast-y liquid) into the ground near your plants. They love it! I'm also a little new to gardening (and ridiculously cold weather) so all of my plant babies are huddled in the windows still. Best of luck on your adventures!

    Chelsea (friend of the one-and-only, Kirsten W. -- which is how I found you...)

    1. Hey Chelsea! Thanks for reading :o) Any friend of K's is a friend of mine. Did you have success with the eggshells and beer before? Because I tried the eggshells last year with no success. The slugs here in Germany are the biggest and grossest thing I've ever seen. It's crazy!