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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She's NOT a Morning Person

So Jesse taught me this trick.  He learned it while I was away in Dublin.  

It's a way to keep this girl from being a cranky pants first thing in the morning (while you get breakfast around)

Let's call it toddler swaddling.  Cause that's essentially what it is ;o)

You ask the little bundle of grumpiness if she wants to rest on the couch and she says NAP and then BLANK (blankie) and you wrap her up in the blanket.  If you put her this way on the couch (where she can see you in the kitchen) she'll seriously sit there quietly for up to half an hour.  Once I even did it after breakfast and she watched me from her snuggle-spot for 45 minutes while I baked muffins and prepped pasta sauce!

So I guess it's Lily and Jesse (not morning people) vs. Sammy and me... who love mornings.  Well.  I love mornings.  

Sometimes I'm not sure about Sam.  Cause this is often her morning face.  And her usual way to get through breakfast prep is to park herself as close to my ankles as possible and suck her thumb while she watches me make eggs or something.  But she is generally more smiley than her big sis at least :o)


  1. Aww! Both my girls still get a modified swaddle at nap and bed! Lu always asks to be "nuggled in my bankie" while we watch a tv show. It's so sweet. The funny thing is, didn't Lilly hate being swaddled when she was a baby? We have a split on morning people here at 14 Maple Syrup St (what G says our address is). G and I wake up early in the am, while Lu and daddy would sleep in until 9 every morning if they could! Your pictures are really sweet for this post. I mean, I like all of your pictures, but something about these ones just warm my heart. I think I can just see how snuggly and warm these little ones are while they watch mama do what mamas do.

    1. Aw 14 Maple Syrup St! Adorable! Yeah, both my girls only liked swaddling as babies for about two months. Not long after that at all. I agree... there's something about the early morning light from that cloudy day that just gives the pictures an "ahh, this is cozy" kind of feeling :o)

  2. Jesse - that was a FABULOUS idea!!!! I'm not so sure Sammy's a 100% morning person like you, Jess - but she always has been more of a morning person than Lily! I know you don't have 'public tv' over there (and you don't watch much TV with them in general), but that toddler snuggling spot looks perfect for a short stint of watching Sesame Street or some other edu-video fun-ness . . . just for the time to get b-fast around, not to develop tv-addicted kiddos!

    1. I know! I definitely need to amp up our stock of shorter-clip shoes like Sesame Street or some of the newer ones like Yo Gaba Gaba or Backyardigans (hint hint Gigi ;o)) because I do love watching a short show with them (or letting them watch so I can get a break!). Lil's still loving our Clifford movie but I've convinced her Berenstain Bears are okay, too.