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Friday, April 13, 2012

The iPod Magician

People who are good with technology truly amaze me.  I think it's because I'm one of those people that just learns the basics of how to work my gadgets/computers... and then I'm good to go!  I don't really have the computer brain to figure much else out.

So I'm really glad I'm married to someone who's a computer whiz!  He would tell you that he's not nearly as impressive as he is, but to me, he's magical!

For example, when my beloved iPod Touch of three years gets dropped on the floor and cracked, I just kept using it.  It was only cracked in the corner of the screen and it still worked.  So I cried a little over the loss of it's beauty, but I kicked myself for not keeping it in it's case and just went on with life.  Then I stupidly let Lily hold it for a second at the grocery store.  And of course she dropped it.  And of course the crack extended all the way through the screen.

At this point, J orders a screen replacement on amazon that was surprisingly cheap.  But he warned me it's tricky to replace and it might not work out.  He figured it was at least worth a try.  (So we backed up all my lists and notes and everythingthatismyiPodlife and he went to work)

Alas, RIP my old iPod.  For my amazing husband couldn't quite get the new screen back on without breaking the whole thing :o(  I'm suddenly realizing you're wondering where I'm going with this.  I'm no longer making him sound that impressive, huh?  Bear with me.

SO my generous husband went that very next day and ordered me a used iPod Touch!  It's pretty exciting to have an upgrade... I think it's like two generations newer and so the screen is really responsive and it's super thin and there's a camera!  So fancy! 

But the best part, to me, was that after a few minutes of messing around on the computer he handed me my iPod with ALL MY INFO ON IT!  All my apps!  All my lists!  (And I have a lot of lists, people, so re-listing would have been a long process)  It completely baffles a person like me how a smart computer person does the things they do.  But I'm so glad he can!  Thanks Babe!

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