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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pool Playdate

We met up with Jacki and her kids at a pool called Azur yesterday.  Sam seriously had way more fun than she's letting on in this picture ;o)  I think I just waited till too close to nap time to start taking pictures!

Speaking of pictures, I was also having troubles with my camera lens fogging up.

Speaking of cameras, I'm still trying to figure out the new point and shoot that Jesse just got us.  So though this picture is off-centered (hi, Jacki!) it is just because I'm bad at self-portraits, not because I'm trying to balance our big DSLR camera in one hand ;o) 

Hi Zeke and Kirsten!  

Hi foggy Sammy!  With the mohawk hair that I kept encouraging and then forgot to flatten... and then it kind of stayed like that the rest of the afternoon :o)  Sam was pretty bold and brave for a kid who can't even walk.  This pool was great for her because it was shallow enough for crawling and yet had lots of things for climbing and playing.  (She did not, in fact, get run over by sitting on the slide like that... though she came close a few times)  And there was a nice "deeper" area for the bigger kids... which really made Lily feel like a cool kid.  A good time was had by all!


  1. fogging=the camera trying to acclimate to the temp. and humidity shift. I think.

    yay pools with shallow ends!!

  2. they both look as comfy in the water as on land --- they are all set for a swim at the beach! [hinthinthint]