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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 10: Milan

Milan was another "we're going to hit this city in less than a day" stop.  And it was also our first experience with train trouble.  I'm not sure if I explained it before, but we got the Eurorail Global pass, meaning for three weeks we had "unlimited" train trips throughout Europe.  Sometimes for more expensive or popular trains (to certain cities or overnight) we had to book/reserve a ticket and that cost us a little.  But it was reduced.  So we kind of just booked tickets as we went.

Which meant we were in a little bit of a bind that morning when we were told our intended booking of the night train from Milan to Barcelona wasn't going to work because the train track was under construction.

SO after three ticket agents and much deliberation, we settled on the cheaper, but longer route.  For free, we could hop local trains all the way from Milan to Barcelona.  We stopped in Nice for a few hours and then the next day hopped back on the train(s).  I think we were traveling for about 30 hours total.  Ick.  Least pleasant part of the trip.  But to have one train mishap in three weeks of travel is not bad.  

So once we had that all figured out we headed to the Duomo Cathedral in Milan.  It was AMAZING!  Check out all the pictures here.

The inside was fascinating... but a church is a church.  Even the fanciest of them start to blend together a bit ;o)

What really made this one stand out was that we had the opportunity to climb to the top!  It was the coolest thing ever!

So yeah, we climbed the fourth highest church in the whole world :o)  Worth every step... even with backpacks on!


  1. I loved climbing the Cathedrals when I was in Italy. Never made it to Florence though.

    That one photo of Jesse on the stairs kind of makes me dizzy.

    1. Yeah, me too! Sometimes I get a little carried away with my off-kilter shots ha!