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Friday, July 13, 2012

When I Grow Up: Part 2 (How I Magically Got Invited into the Doula Club)

So I met Leah through Jen.  On top of being a doula Leah is also a fantastic photographer and so her and Jen talk photography all the time... and Leah was trying to get Jen into birth photography but Jen was like "eh I don't think so... but I know just the girl for you."  Meaning me!

Leah and I were just destined to be friends anyways because we're kindred spirits in the area of hippie-ness.  Add to that we are obviously both interested in babies... and photography and cooking and other fun things.  SO the three of us have been hanging out quite a bit... she lives 2.5 minutes away from me so it makes it easy to just hop in the car for a quick picture walk, etc.

Oh, and she needed a babysitter last weekend.  Bingo.  All of her usual babysitters were out of town or busy and her husband had just gone TDY (Temporary Duty aka mini deployment for ten days) to England.

And both of her clients were in labor at the same time.  Go figure that though their due dates were two weeks apart they'd both be in labor the same weekend.  What's that they say about "if it rains it pours?" So poor Leah needed a place for her boys and I was happy to oblige.  The only sad part for me was that I wasn't going to be able to attend one of the births.

But I got to help out and have two fun boys in my house for awhile.  Boys are funny.  They do weird things that little toddler girls don't do...

...Like shout and throw balls in the house and run around outside and watch Top Gun.

And lose TEETH!  A tooth, anyways.

Easton inducted me into the tooth-fairy club ;o)  

This was pretty much how the girls were with the boys the whole weekend... in awe.  Junah and Easton were like built in live entertainment!  It was great!  

So Leah was back and forth from the hospital and her house and my house and her other client's house (one client was at LRMC and the other was a home birth).  Her client in the hospital was actually diagnosed with a dangerous syndrome so she was admitted so they could induce her labor and get the baby out as soon and safe as possible.  

Leah made sure that she was all settled into the hospital for the night and then went to attend the home birth and take pictures.  She got zero sleep that night.  But she got to watch a happy healthy baby be born.  And take lovely pictures it the experience.

But the poor girl in the hospital was really sick and everyone was pretty worried about her.

To be continued...


  1. You make no mention of boys being so enamored with their rain boots that they won't wear anything else. Even to play soccer. Benjamin wore his bright yellow rain boots for almost three years. He has almost the same level of devotion to his brown hiking boots now. We are on our fourth or fifth pair. I've lost count.

    1. Well that's exactly why I took a picture of Junah's boots :o) Boys are so funny!

  2. you should have a couple of boys. just sayin'. and ditto here on the rain boots. We have them in every single size, and wear them all.the.time. except to church. I have to draw the line somewhere!

    1. Haha awesome! I have pink and frills everywhere and you have dirt and rain boots! Oh the differences!