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Friday, August 3, 2012

What Happens with One Mommy, Two Toddlers, and an Airport

Wednesday morning 6:43am: out the door plenty early. Trying to fight the urge to have an "Ohmygosh" I forgot something panic attack.

6:51am: Either Sam pooped or someone farted.

7:27am: Slight stau (traffic jam) on the autobahn. No biggie (hopefully) cause we're plenty early.

8:08am: Made it to the airport... as usual we were confused about where to park.  But we figured it out.

9:39am: Finally sitting at our gate. Was almost in tears at passport check cause I didn't realize I needed to have my military passport on me... thankfully he let it slide since I had my tourist passport.  Definitely in tears after waving goodbye to J.  Felt really sad and lonely.  Also didn't bring my phone so no talking to him :o(  Melted into a puddle of sweat during security check.  But alls well that ends well right?

10:34am: On the airplane.  Hardly any help with the car seats, but everything (and everyone!) is strapped down and ready to go!  The guy in cowboy boots next to Lily does not look happy at his seating arrangement.  I hope they wow him with how good they are.

11:46am: Really needed to change diapers and I couldnt get any flight attendants attention... so off I went, all by myself.  Crammed two kids into the bathroom and managed just fine.  No one touched anything gross or anything!  Now we're back in our seats and HOPEFULLY these monkeys will nap soon.

12:02pm: We just heard this announcement, "Ladies and Gentleman you are not allowed to have and drink your own alcohol on this aircraft." The guy next to Lily looked at me and we both laughed.  Apparently airplane travel is more stressful to some than to others?  

2:14pm:  Have you ever fallen asleep after your little one finally stops crying (and is also sleeping) only to have the toddler in front of you screech, wake you all up, and start Sammy crying again?  Grumble grumble...

5:06pm: Okay either this flight needs to end or Sam needs to nap!  Lily's the only one who's slept :o\

6:43pm: Lily is watching the cartoons of the guy next to her, even though she can't hear the sound.  And she keeps flinging toys in his space bubble but I don't think he minds... I saw him smile at her.  So at least he doesn't hate our guts.

7:05pm: we're flying over Cape Cod :o)

7:21pm: I'm ready to crawl out of my skin.  Besides serious fanny-fatigue I've got Sam on one side of me going crazy and throwing all her toys on the floor and Lily on the other side fussing cause her ears are popping.  Almost done. Almost done!!!

Changing my brain to EST: 7:53pm (even though it's 2am in Germany)... safe and sound with Mom at Cassie's.  Had a yummy dinner... going to bed.  Watched the girls sleeping side by side in the crib.  We made it :o)

Closing thought: I'm tired. Tired but happy!


  1. Oh my goodness! WELCOME BACK TO AMERICA!!!! I loved the pictures, they were great, your girls are amazing and cute and the first and last pics are definitely my favorites. Glad that you're state side!

    1. I like the last one, too! She was driving me crazy about it, though because she kept taking it out and then wanting it back in again! Kids...

  2. I remember those trips all too well. The fabulous activity bag? basically ignored. Instead, food and the aisles were far more entertaining. The kids always behaved a lot better than anticipated though, which was nice! Take pride in the fact that not many moms are brave enough to go it alone!

    1. Thanks! (You gotta do what you gotta do) I agree... the activities I brought were far less stimulating than I anticipated. I'm so glad that our return flight happens (mostly) during the girls' normal bedtime. It will be nice to have snoozing toddlers on either side of me so I can, oh I don't know, READ or SLEEP or LISTEN TO MUSIC or something! ;o)

  3. I hate the idea of this. My stomach hurts at the thought of dragging my brood overseas. Good heavens. Well done!

    1. Well my brood is half as large as yours. If I have any more children while I'm only an airplane ride away from family, this whole me flying by myself with the kids will never happen again!