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Monday, July 30, 2012

I Miss the Weirdest Things about America

It's true.  I miss McDonald's.

"But Jessica," you say, "you have McDonald's in Germany... and you don't even like eating fast food all that often..."  I knooooooow but it's still not the same.  And even though I try to avoid eating junk as often as I can, I still sometimes just want to have a nice juicy CHEAP cheeseburger!  And there ain't no such thing as a dollar menu in Germany.  (They also don't make double cheeseburgers quite right.)

And there's no such thing as Walmart.  Target.  Wegman's.  Salvation Army.  Old Navy.  THE MALL.  Hobby Lobby. Applebee's.  Starbucks.  And all my favorite local spots... Pookies.  Jelly Beans.  Heavenly Cup.  Soul Full Cup.  Atlas.

It may seem weird that someone who's so hippie and into supporting the local stuff and not that crazy about industrial food options/big chain restaurants would be missing McDonald's so bad.  But think of it as missing familiarity and maybe you'll understand me a little better.  All those things are what I'm used to... and I don't have them here!  American Nostalgia?  

I just miss being able to make a list and go to the store... where I'd find
everything on my list and also have plenty of options to choose from.  I consider myself lucky in the KMC if I go to the store and find everything I need.  At the BX it's often not stocked, and on the economy I often just can't find it in the German store!  Or they're never heard of it... "plastic Easter eggs?  Ehhh...?"  Or how about getting a free, bottomless ice water with lemon at your table with dinner? That definitely doesn't happen in Germany.  You pay for it ALL!

So yes.  I'm missing my family and friends from "back home".  My tummy's all in knots and I will surely cry buckets when I get to see them again.  It's been almost a year since I've seen my side of the family and some of Jesse's!  Far too long!

But I will also smile inside when I see the familiar stores and restaurants and other places that scream "I'm back in the USA!"

I can't wait to be back in my parents living room sipping a cup of morning coffee as my kids play and my family sneaks them sugar behind my back.  And maybe, in the six weeks I'm in the States, I'll have a double cheeseburger.  Or two.  Or three ;o) 


  1. when i go back to the states i love to drive. i swerve all over my lane cause there is so much room for my car! and i can park anywhere and it doesnt have to be perfect for me to fit!

    1. Yes! Though, I do have to be careful this time around because last year when I went to the States I got a very expensive speeding ticket ;o) NY interstate is NOT the autobahn Jessica!

  2. you know what I miss about you being in the states? when I'm in a store, I can't just text you and ask what size the girls are wearing right now - when I see something cute and feel like getting something for them . . . and I miss random picture messages on my phone with my girlies being adorable!

    1. I miss being able to text picture messages, too!