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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baby Leg Warmers for My Babies

Shout out to the 80s!  I finally made leg warmers for the girls.  I've been wanting to buy some for awhile but I'm too cheap frugal.  But seriously, they're just so dang cute... I love the look!  And it's pretty cold in our house in the winter. So I'm thinking: cute layer for fall with leggings/tights... then a necessary layer of warmth (think thermals) under two layers of sweatpants during the winter.  We should be all set to survive another winter in Germany now.

Making them yourself is super easy!  And much cheaper than buying them.  These four pairs of girls' knee high socks were $10 at Target.  And the average price for baby leg warmers is $10 or so.  More for the cute ones.  So for the price of one, I made four!  (Thanks Amber for the great idea!)

I didn't realize till I got started on the project that I accidentally bought two sizes... I kind of wanted them to all be long like the ones on the right, but as I'm about 5 million miles from the nearest Target, I will not be able to exchange them. So we just went with it, and it was fine because Sam has shorter legs anyways.  I say we because I pretty much made Kirsten do all the work for me.  

Cut off the feet of the socks and sew yourself a hem.  It's that simple!  Make sure you stretch the fabric out all the way while sewing the hem because you want to make sure it stays stretchy enough to go up over chubby little girl (or boy) legs.

When I say I made Kirsten do all the work I'm only partially kidding.  I made her bring the sewing machine and I made her use it.  BUT I made the tea and took the pictures for the blog post.  Oh, and I cut the socks... unevenly.  So I did contribute!  (And I didn't actually make her do anything... she's really good to me and I'm so lucky to have her as a friend.)

I know she's a good friend because she made my girls doll hats.  And she's a good friend for a thousand other reasons. But for today's purposes it's because she helped me make leg warmers, and after she sewed the first foot as a tester we both said "DOLL HATS!" at the same time!

Guess which the monkeys were more excited about... the new "leggies" as Lily calls them?  Or the doll hats?

Duh.  New dolly accessories trump new fashion accessories any day.

So there you have it!  Simple, cheap baby leg warmers.  A nice afternoon sewing project for a busy mom.  Especially if you have a friend to do the sewing for you ;o)  Side note: leg warmers are working well for keeping the newest Potty Princess warm while Momma lets her run around half naked to make the panties more accessible.  Potty training is going okay... more on this at a later point.   


  1. Cute! And kudos to you for potty training Sam! We've had multiple attempts with Katie and I pushed too hard (the three day method ended up with both of us in tears after 1.5 days!) She now refuses to have anything to do with the potty. I was really hoping to have her trained before the baby comes, but I don't know if it's going to happen. Such is life :)

    1. Yeah sometimes it's just easier to keep them in diapers... I'm doing a little more relaxed version than I did with Lily. Let's call it the "three day method ala diaper any time we go out" and we go out quite a bit to give Daddy a quiet house. So... we'll see how it goes!

  2. Sooo cute! I may have to make these for my niece! I love the pictures too...Sam's chubby little knees are so adorable!

    1. I know! I could just eat them up! All squishy and tickly and so sweet!

    2. (the baby knees not the leg warmers lol)

  3. omg precious! I love those little legs..and the leggies are cute!