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Monday, September 3, 2012

Never-Never Land Does Exist! It's Called Six Weeks with Family

I was telling Jesse the other day that being with family this long is magical.  It's like living in Never-Never Land!  Where you never have to deal with two toddlers alone.  You never have to do all the cooking AND cleaning up AND laundry... all in one night.  You rarely have to change every single dirty diaper in a day.

The slightest whine from your children?  They are magically scooped up into the loving arms of a doting relative who quiets them in some obscure corner of the house (probably with sugar, but who cares at that point??).  The slightest whine from you?  You are magically shoved out the door by the loving arms of a relative to go exercise, drink a latte, or go shopping (sans children!!!).

I love Never-Never Land.  Because in the real world I am sometimes a single parent... Jesse works a lot and at such weird times of day.  It's such a stark difference to be here, on vacation, surrounded by extended family where there's always a few extra sets of helping hands.

But at about a week and a half this crazy long and lovely Stateside vacation will end... and that's okay.  Cause I'm feeling the gentle strings of reality pulling my heart towards home.  I will miss the loving arms of relatives, but I miss the loving arms of my husband more.  Sure, he's not there to answer every whine.  And princess Jessica does have to cook and clean and do laundry in the real world.  But the real world is my real world.  And I miss it. 

I just wish it wasn't half a world away from Never-Never Land.  


  1. Jess, what a wonderful post-
    six weeks can sure fly by can't they?
    it has been great to spend a bit of that time with you and the girls and looking forward to capturing a few more moments with you all this next weekend

  2. one of the main reasons we're not in the military anymore is because I felt like a single mom in a foreign country...oh wait that's basically what I was! It really does make you appreciate your family and husband a lot more though, no doubt about it.

    1. So true! I feel like I'm gaining a really neat perspective right now... it's pretty empowering to see what you're capable of as a mom. And then when Daddy IS finally home it's like heaven ;o) Pray for us, the month of September/October is full of long stretches of night shifts and quite a few twelve hour shifts. Going to be a tough change for me to get back into.

  3. I just checked the blog to see if you had a new post, understandably, you do not. However, I'm on the laptop tonight (which I NEVER use since I have my phone), and I noticed just how great the photo is of the girls. They are soooooooooo beautiful, Jess! Seriously. Well, that's all I wanted to say. Oh, and that it was super-de-duper awesome seeing you lovely ladies. Fingers crossed for a visit to Germany this coming year!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I made them myself ;o) (How IS one supposed to humbly respond to that "your kids are beautiful" comment lol) Anyways, it was great seeing you, too! And Germany 2013 would be so epic! Make it happen!