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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A 1:1 Parent-Toddler Ratio Doesn't Count at a Bowling Alley at 8pm

Aw look at us being a cute little family and having a bowling adventure!  

This is how we all felt by the middle of the second game.  Except that Jesse and I were even more frazzled, cause we were the ones who looked desperately into each other's eyes and decided that no one was really having fun anymore.  

Jesse:  Wanna just go home?
Me:  YES.

The family outing started out so fun!  We had all four of us on the board and Jesse and I were having a competition to see who could score the highest both on our own and in helping each child.  So it was a singles and a doubles match!  

I think I won singles and Jesse won doubles.  But I can't really remember.  I think he was the only one who got a strike. Also I think he said was cheating by helping Lily push her ball down the ramp... it definitely goes faster that way! And of course he didn't fill me in on this till we were almost done with the first game, where I was painfully watching Sam flop her ball down the ramp so it would roll at snail's speed toward the pins.  It was kind of agonizing!

There is just something about a bowling alley full of other people that makes a toddler go crazy with excitement!  Just imagine spending an hour and a half herding tiny puppies out of the other lanes and you get the general idea.  I'm surprised no children were stepped on.  Also that no one dropped a bowling ball on their toes.  (Lily thinks she's hot stuff and can just pick one up whenever she wants!)

Speaking of toes, there was obviously MUCH excitement over the fact that Lily-Billy finally has big enough feet for her very own bowling shoes!

All in all it was a successful family outing.  You measure success in those sort of things based on how exhausted the parents are and how great a meltdown the children have upon leaving, right?  

Then good. We DOMINATED!

As we were driving home Jesse was like "That was fun, we should do it again... in a year."  

PS: photo credit for all these pictures (except the one of him with Lily and the one of Sam) go to Jesse.  


  1. I love you guys!
    and (warning- nosy mil statement about to appear) maybe it can be helpful to not go into outings (etc...) with expectations of the outcome? you and Jesse spent time together with your girls. you made a memory. you love each other. God was there. How can that be at all disappointing?!!
    ALL pics were great as always ;)

    1. Haha yeah, it's true. But it was just so tiring that I, at least, wonder if it wouldn't have been just as much fun for the girls to have a family evening by the fire reading books ;o) Much less stressful for the Momma! Good thing we don't do outings that often. I'd have to start going to bed at 8pm ;o) Love ya.

  2. even more important than bedtime is "go home time."

    1. Yes, agreed. And in my opinion "go home time" should happen way before bedtime. Unfortunately, my husband isn't a morning person. He prefers afternoons/evenings out as a family. Hopefully it will only take a few more crazy family outings like this to convince him that 10am is a perfect time to bowl. I think it would help ;o)