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Monday, October 15, 2012

When in Rome: Try to Blend in on Recycling Day

There are many ways I can tell who the other Americans are in my community.  Things like the obvious American made cars (huge trucks and SUV's are a dead giveaway cause the Germans are all about tiny cars) or when it's the middle of the day and most of the rolladins are down in someone's house.  (We're either part Vampire or we're too cheap to buy curtains.  In my house it's the latter.)

But another way you can discover if your neighbor's are American is by their trash and recycling. Yep, classic creeper-snooping going on in this post today.  The picture above is of my yellow recycling bags this past week.  As you can see, I have some recyclable items in there that were obviously purchased at the Commissary.  Plastic or aluminum coke cans are another giveaway because the German's usually return those to the store to get the deposit.  But American's?  We're too lazy for all that.

Recycling in the yellow sacks is unlimited so that's super nice!  I can put as many as I want out there twice a month.  This picture is of one of my German neighbor's trash/recycling.  They only have two yellow sacks and that tiny little trash can for TWO WEEKS!  I don't know how they do it.

Oh wait, yes I do.  The German's typically have less waste because they don't eat as much processed food.  I possess this knowledge cause I snoop around when I'm at Globus to see what they have in their shopping carts.  I know, I'm so rude awkwardly curious! They typically have shopping carts full of fresh ingredients rather than boxes or cans of ready-made food.  Lots of fresh produce, meats, bread, etc. = less waste.  I kind of shop this way, too, because I like to cook from scratch. Which means I have a better chance than most to blend in on recycling day.

Exhibit B:  my very American neighbors across the street.  Nothing shouts "I'm an American and I create a lot of waste without even realizing it!" like at least five yellow sacks of recycling and an overflowing trash can.

We try to blend in, but it's so hard!  Sometimes I'm embarrassed that I have to put out three or four yellow sacks in a two week period, plus my trash is always full (but at least not overflowing!) and Lilo sometimes goes a whole month only putting out her trash once... and like one yellow sack of recycling!

So there you go.  And you're welcome for the pictures of my neighbor's trash.  I'm sure they would really appreciate knowing I took these pictures.  Also, I'm sure my nosy-but-sweet German neighbor across the street saw me.  She doesn't miss much.

Oh the things I sacrifice for this blog... like my reputation as a normal human being.

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